West Lakes Classic 2020

Find the event flyer and entry form below:
WLCC Classic – Flyer 2020
West Lakes Classic – Entry Form 2020

A PFD exemption has been granted under the following conditions (from the Aquatic Activity Licence):

  • Participating kayak and canoe competitors who have attained the age of 14 years and who have recently demonstrated that they can swim at least 50 metres are exempt from the requirement to wear a life jacket during the competitive events only.
  • Kayak and canoe competitors under 16 years who would be exempt from the wearing of a life jacket during the events only, must have written parental or guardian consent.
  • All participants who do not wear a life jacket must wear or display a visible indicator to the public and officials that they are participating in an organised event.  A boat number, event clothing or bib, or other distinctive marking will satisfy this requirement.
  • The organiser must ensure that all participants complete the required details on the Departments registration form prior to the event in order to be included in the exemptions and a copy of the document should be returned to DPTI within 5 working days after the event.