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Attached PDF – WLCC Committee Members 2021-2022 Season

– Use of Facilities for WLCC Members
Please note the points below, as these are the behaviors expected of all our members.  

  • When using the boats/equipment you must sign in and sign out using the WLCC Book.  
  • Respect all equipment, fixtures, and fittings – report any damage.  
  • Do Not Use Other People’s Equipment.  
  • You must lock up properly.  
  • Do Not Break into the Club.
  • Do Not Copy or Share Keys.
  • This is a clubroom for everyone to use – it is NOT a changeroom.  DO NOT get changed in the clubroom.  
  • There are pigeon holes for your gear/bags – use them!  DO NOT leave your gear on the floor or chairs.  
  • Keep the kitchen clean and tidy, wash and dry your own dishes, do not leave food out, put rubbish in the bin.  
  • Please keep your showers short.  

– Club Key Agreement for 24×7 access – below are the terms of the Club Key Agreement that appears as part of the signup process on GoMembership

  • Keys are only available to financial members and remain the property of the WLCC, and I agree to abide by the rules and return the key to WLCC on request.  Keys are NOT transferable and I will not share the key with anyone else and will not provide access to facilities and equipment to non-members. I will enter my name, date, arrival time, equipment used, department time, and any comments in the attendance book located in the clubroom.  
  • I agree to keep the key secure and with nothing attached so it’s not associated with WLCC.  If the key is lost or stolen, or if I am aware of any incident involving the security of the building or its contents, I will immediately report it to a WLCC committee member.  As access is available at all hours I agree to be responsible for the security of the shed and clubroom and will check all locks are secure and doors closed prior to leaving the club.  

– Boat and Equipment Use and Storage – below are the terms of the Boat and Equipment Use and Storage Agreement that appears as part of the signup process on GoMembership

  • All boats and equipment (including paddles and PFDs) that belong to WLCC can only be used by financial members, and must not be removed from the club.  Any use of WLCC boats and equipment for events outside of WLCC must be approved by the Committee. All boats and equipment will be treated with respect and must be thoroughly washed down after use, then placed back in their correct storage position in the boatshed.  I will note any WLCC boats needing repair and will place a “This Boat Needs Repairs” sign on the boat, and record it in the Boat Repair book in the clubroom. I will not use any privately owned boat. The only time a privately owned boat can be used is if permission of the owner has been given.  
  • In order to store my boat in the WLCC Boatshed 1 Fully Paid Membership (Family Membership is 1 Membership) = 1 Boat Rack Only.  This agreement is for the storage of my boat and excludes equipment such as PFDs, Paddles and Boat Arms, etc. All privately owned boats must be clearly identified at all times.  In order to be allocated a rack at WLCC, I must be a financial member, and this agreement must be renewed at the beginning of each membership year. It is my responsibility to ensure my contact details are kept up to date via the membership database.  Any membership fees not paid for 6 months may result in the boat being moved to an offsite location and a storage fee of $50 per calendar month will be levied, and WLCC has the right to sell the boat in order to recoup costs. 
  • WLCC reserves the right to allocate all available space to club equipment.  Private boats will be accommodated as space is available and only if the size of the boat is appropriate for accommodation within the rack system.  Priority will be given to boats used for regular training. WLCC reserves the right to move the owner’s equipment if required without notice. The owner’s equipment must not be locked or secured in a way as to prevent such movement if required. 
  • WLCC is not liable for loss or damages of any kind to my property, and it has been recommended that I have my own property insurance sufficient to cover the replacement cost of any and all equipment stored at the WLCC storage.  
  • Any breach of these rules may result in my boat and equipment use and storage rights being withdrawn or other disciplinary action.
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