West Lakes Canoe Club has won the award for the top club in Australia for the last three National Championships (2016-2018) with a very high level of representation on National Teams every year. These teams include Para-Canoe, under-23 and Junior World Championships, World Marathon competitions and the Olympic Hopes Regatta for emerging junior athletes aged 15 to 17 years. In 2018, eight athletes were chosen to represent Australia in the first Asia Pacific Regatta at West Lakes.

The West Lakes Canoe Club provides an excellent environment for developing paddlers who wish to compete. Our coaching structure, facilities and equipment will provide you with every opportunity to go as far as you wish in the sport.

Races vary by the number of athletes in the boat and whether the boat is a canoe or kayak. The distances recognised by the ICF for international canoe sprint races are 200m, 500m, and 1000m. The South Australian events are usually held at the A.M. Ramsay Regatta Course, West lakes Shore. For each race there may be a number of heats, semi-finals and a final depending on the number of competitors.

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Canoe – Kayak Racing

Our club can enter all official boats (K1, K2, K4, C1, C2 and C4) in...