West Lakes Canoe Club

Est. 1978.
Kayaking and canoeing is an extremely rewarding sport and pastime that offers many exciting pathways. The physical benefits of participating in this challenging outdoor activity are many, and the pure enjoyment of a paddling session, whether it is part of an elite training program or just simply to get out on the water for fun, makes paddling the perfect release from the demands of our daily lives.

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The club is always welcoming new members, and encourage you to give us a call, and book a come and try.

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The West Lakes Canoe Club provides an excellent environment for developing paddlers who wish to compete. Our coaching structure, facilities and equipment will provide you with every opportunity to go as far as you wish in the sport.

However, the club is not just about competing; it’s also a fantastic recreational pastime with enormous health benefits and great adventure. Our club holds and participates in many events through the year to help you get the most out of paddling. These events enables members to meet other paddlers, share experiences and learn more about the opportunities that canoe-kayaking provides, in a safe and inclusive environment.

There are also training groups that regularly paddle together and provide guidance, support and encouragement to each other as they strive to reach goals or simply paddle for the enjoyment.

Canoe – Kayak Racing

Our club can enter all official boats (K1, K2, K4, C1, C2 and C4) in the sprint events. With volunteer help, we are able...

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ADDRESS Aquatic Reserve – Bower Road, Semaphore Park PHONE Jo Kneebone: 0407196252  EMAIL The club email address for all communication is: westlakes@paddle.org.au POSTAL ADDRESS PO Box 7114, West Lakes SA 5021 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/westlakescanoeclub/

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Want to see if joining West Lakes Canoe club is for you? Regular Come and Try Sessions on Saturday’s usually 8.30 to 10 am for...